Interview with a drummer of Blood Brothers


Blood Brothers drummer Leo Matata tells about the impression of the sixth tour

Recently, there are many groups that become tribute. Their level of performance sometimes so high that they have an opportunity to arrange really massive tours. The Ukrainian band Blood Brothers is Iron Maiden tribute band. The boys recently returned from their sixth European tour. The band was in Poland, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria for a month. During this time team traveled more than 10,000 kilometers and made 26 concerts. Leo Matata is a drummer of Blood Brothers and he also took part in the tour.

– How did you become a drummer?

– This is by the way a very funny story. I watched the concert of Guano Apes and I enjoed the performance of the drummer so much so I decide to take the sticks and to start drumming. I made a conclusion that it is a really crazy thing. This video defined my life style. I realized that playing the drums, I can make people really happy. Plus there were so many guitarists among my friends so I decided to become a drummer.

– To be a drummer you need a place to keep your drums. Plus repetitions. Didn’t you scare about it?

– At that time it was hard with drums. But the main problem was where and for what money to buy it. I was collecting details for my first drums during a year and a half. I remember how I told my parents that I bought drums. It was easy to find the place where to keep it. I put them in the living room. I was practicing early in the morning every day. My neighbors were at the office when I beat my snare. I was alone and no one had the chance to scold me.

– And how does your wife react to the passion of her husband?

– You will not believe, but me and my wife met each other because of my passion. She came to the concert, where I was playing.

– Blood Brothers. What does this mean to you?

– We are creating the atmosphere of Iron Maiden. Our last tour was successful. I want to go back again. For Blood Brothers, it is really important not only high quality performance of IM songs, but also the interaction to give the audience as much energy as possible. Hitting a string in emotions is not only good, it’s great, as our guitarist Serg Nefat said.

– By the way, I read the review about the tour written by Serg. He noticed that when there is a person such as Leo Matata all the problems with equipment is dust. Leo – the only person who is ready for everything. It would seem that why You need a soldering iron and a drill in the tour? And in fact, the most important attributes of tour inventory!

– During the tour, a lot of stuff will be needed. I tried to be helpful for my colleagues.

– What else can you tell about this sixth tour?

– During one of the sound checks the sound engineer was really surprised when I told him that I have my own set of microphones for the drums. It seems that he never seen the drummer with own microphones before.

– What drums do you use?

– Tama.

– Why?

– I like their sound very much. This brand dictates fashion in terms of various accessories for drumming.

– And what can you say about percussion companies Pease, Premier?

– Premier is great. They have a good sound, but the percussion of this company is quite expensive. By the way, the drummer of Iron Maiden played Premier in the past. It’s also a very interesting brand for me.

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