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Lineup for the live concert – 5 members (4 musicians and vocalist).

Layout of the band on stage:


Please have all sound equipment including the sound system and accessories (soundboards, microphones, speakers, cables, etc.) and all backline instruments and amplifiers present and operational no later than 3 hours before the scheduled event start time. Blood Brothers will arrive 2 hours before the start time for soundcheck. The success of the concert depends on the availability of specified equipment:

Backline and on stage equip:

  • 3 floor monitors on stage, on the guitarists positions and one monitor for the drummer.
  • Yamaha, Midas PRO Series, DiGiCo digital consoles preferred over the analog mixers.
  • Analog mixers must have at least 16 channels, 4 pre-fader auxiliaries, Gate, Compressor, FX-processor.
  • 4 guitar stands.
  • 2 D-Boxes on the stage near the drums.


  • 1 radio microphone and 1 wired microphone (Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, are preferable).
  • 3 microphones (back-vocals).
  • 3 boom stands for wired mics.
  • straight stand for radio mic with tripod.
  • separate AUX on the mixer for in-ear vocals monitoring.

Guitar amps:

  • 2 guitar stacks (cabinet + head) or combo amps with minimum 100 Watt power, with serial or parallel FX loop (Send\Return), amplified with a microphone, or with emulated lineout. Brands like Laney, Randall, Marshall, Peavey are preferable.
  • 2 power-extenders (minimum for 4 sockets each) near the place where the musician will stand on stage for plugging the additional devices.

Bass amp:

  • 1 stack (cabinet + head) or combo amps with minimum 200 Watt power, with 4х10, 1х15 or 2х10 speakers, amplified with a microphone, or with D-Box. Ampeg, Ashdown, Warwick, Kustom amps are preferable.


  • TAMA Starclassic, LUDWIG Rocker PRO, YAMAHA Oak Custom, PEARL Session Custom or the according sets, 4 drums (bass drum, high tom-tom, floor tom-tom, snare drum).
  • 4 adjustable stands for cymbals (2 out of 4 must be with boom arms and one stand for hi-hat)
  • Stands for hat and snare drums with adjustable height.
  • Drummer chair with adjustable height.
  • Microphone set for drums – 8 mics.
  • Monitor line for the drummer.
  • Approx. 2,5m x 2,5m drum riser with no more than 50 cm height.
  • Carpet cover or rubber pad 2 x 2 meters should be necessarily under the drums.


Please have a qualified audio technician present before, during, and after the event.