Interview: «The followers of the legendary Iron Maiden performed in Smolensk»


Concert in Smolensk was under threat of cancellation – only three tickets were been sold before the gig. Illusion of performancein the front of an empty room remained until the second song. However, the musicians decided to playat any costfor the sake of the few good men who get to the walls of the “A-club”despite of a rainy day.Moreover, as it turned out not for nothing. The audience at the concert magically appeared by the end of the Aces High, and when “2 Minutes To Midnight” started with title riff –they formed a nice “support group” close to the scene, singing along hits from the legendary album «Powerslave». Perhaps it was the concert, when the few good mensuccessfully made the real united audience with its energy and amiable spirit. Unconventional start of the interview with vocalist made the atmosphere really friendly and informal. Egor is a passionateand creative person.Chat with people interested in musicis alien to him. After the show, an impromptu autograph session and a group photo he left the stage in half an hour, talking with Iron Maiden fansanswering questions about the band.Then we continue the conversation in the bar, where he answered some of our questions.

How has the idea to create the band appeared? Who was its founder?

– Guitarist Sergey Nifatov “pulled” us from other projects, and when I visited him at home, I realized that with him we will make real rock’n’roll. He have many posters, tickets to “Maiden”concerts.Everything was pointing to the fact that he is the person who lives with this music. He walked in the appropriate clothes and his whole appearance showed that he is a real fan. He managed to gather us under idea of the Blood Brothers. Since my childhood, I listened to Metallica, UDO, Judas Priest and only later tried Iron Maiden and realized what distinguishes their music. Songs of this group unite people. They are been imbued with kindness and soulfulness. There is no kitsch, pretentiousness, aggression and you will found a great desire to bring people together to tell them something important through the music and lyrics.

What was before a tribute in your career?

– I sang in bands, who were focused on the groove, thrash metal of their own. This music was much more aggressive that we play now. Nevertheless, why I chose this path with a tribute band Blood Brothers? Because of friendly a unique friendly team. Not long ago, in one of our trips to another town I read a book about sports. It describes how to be successful and how to win races. And one of the ten items that every winner must have is the support of his family and friends. I looked at the guys sitting next to me and realized that each one of us came to this music thanks to his parents. Our relatives showed us what a good and intelligent music to listen. They put us on the path of rock music. If not for that, maybe we would engaged in something other in this life. Iaddressed the audience with anappeal that evening.If each of us will be sharing with friends and family the music that takes as its soul, which is performed with a pure heart, then this music will live on for ages. A rock music often lacks publicity in order to make this world better. So let’s help this together!


Is the music is the main job for you today or you’re working somewhere parallel?

– Earlier, with 50-60 gigs a year I managed to work full time for five years. Now I want to dedicate my life to music, albeit I willearn less money, but will do the right thing with all of my heart and my soul. I believe that there will always be an audience that will appreciate it.

What is your profession outside the stage?

– I was an IT-specialist. Andsurprisingly, graduated from the same faculty with OlegSkripka.

What about the instruments that you performed with today? Are they similar to those that British legends have? Maybe analogs?

– The bass player Vladimir Alymovplays on a similar model as the brand Fender Steve Harris. Moreover, “brothers” Dmitry, Leonid and Sergey are playing their beloved instruments.

Did you bring the special effects for the show with you?

– Yes, there has been a stage in the band development, as we were able to buy our own fog machine. This small detail makes the show more atmospheric and spectacular.


Imagine that people who never heard Iron Maiden decided to learn more about this group. What would you recommend them to listen or watch about their music?

– First of all, I suggest one of the latest DVD’s“Flight 666″ – a documentary that was filmed during the tour «Somewhere Back In Time World Tour». There shown what their work is worth: they converted the aircraft to carry equipment for the show, their team of technicians are football fans and hooligans, for example, they come to Brazil, and there is a rain whole day – and they reinforce the scene in order to not let is swam away.Shows us how the band communicates with the fans. And certainly not the least is a classic live DVD “Rock in Rio” – the quintessence of the Iron Maiden world class show. I fell in love into this music after watching this concert. Very interesting fact about Iron Maiden. With the advent of the “torrent” technology, when music distributing freely on the Internet how the groupdealed with it?They did not as Metallica did, sue companies that use these technologies to share music. They published their albumsat all biggest torrent trackers, and what was achieved through this? Since you can see the statistics in the torrent peer-2-peer network – country, ip-address is collected – they looked at what places on the planet people most often download their music. Agreed to fly there and arrange the big shows. They organized a tour and this tour was one of the most successful and brought millions of new fans. It is an example for me how it is necessary to look at the situation widely. Not from the position “What are you doing? It’s mine! Give it back!”, but from this point of view: “Guys, it’s mine! Share it if you like. For your pleasure.” Then the audience always repay you if you speak and act to them it the right way.