Today Blood Brothers is one of the most demanded tribute bands in Europe. Their passion and love to Iron Maiden music gather thousands of Maiden fans together. Each Blood Brothers show is a window to Iron Maiden world where we all are a true heavy metal family. This is a small part of their story.







In the beginning...

10 years ago Serg and Leo came together to create a project which will spread the music of a legendary Iron Maiden across whole Europe! But in the beginning boys didn’t plan a conquest of Europe. It was just a wonderful chance to re-create a unique atmosphere of Blood Brothers idols. Our band has a reputation of hard workers. After a debut concert in 2010 Blood Brothers performed over 700 times! Visited more than 20 countries. Overcame about 300000 kilometers.

Supporting leading bands...

The craziest Iron Maiden tribute has a big number of shows and festivals feauturing leading bands like Scorpions, Guano Apes, Lacuna Coil, Enter Shikari, Antiflag, Clawfinger and many other. In 2012 the band was invited to play with former vocalists of Iron Maiden Blaze Bayley and Paul Di'anno, who, in turn, noted the band's flawless performance. Blood Brothers is the show that every Maiden fan deserves!

Costumes and scenery...

Each Blood Brothers concert is an opportunity to enjoy a spectacular show featuring costumes, scenery and unpredictable set list. The band creates a theatrical act, where each song is a new story. It could be historic events, wars, mystics and religions. The team build decorations according to the conception of a set list.

set list...

Blood Brothers is the only Iron Maiden tribute who plays the full albums during one show. Every year the band presents a unique set list which consists not only of a classic hits like The Trooper, Fear Of The Dark and Run To The Hills, but also a conceptual songs dedicated to some specific dates in Iron Maiden life. Thus, 2 years ago boys performed full Brave New World album. Before that, audience had an opportunity to enjoy all 8 songs of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son CD. In 2021 Blood Brothers are going to present a show dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of Iron Maiden Killers album.​


Laars Naumenko - Vocals
Max Vityuk - Guitars
Alf Alymov - Bass
Serg Nefat - Guitars
Leo Matata - Drums


Serg Nefat - Manager
Artur Abdullin - Logistics Manager
Dmytro Yermolenko - Roadie

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