Where did it all begin? How did you decide to play tribute to Iron Maiden?

Hi there! Iron Maiden music is the soundtrack of my life. My favorite band. During my college years I often organized concerts, and every year I did parties dedicated to Iron Maiden music. We used to meet friends and play songs of British legend. But it was not enough to play only one concert a year, so we started giving concerts in different cities of our country. Today, we continue to do our favorite job abroad, in EU countries.

In general, what is the point in the existence of tribute groups?

An opportunity for the viewer to dive into the atmosphere and creativity of the original band, to hear their favorite tunes. Moreover, many legendary bands have ceased to exist due to the death of musicians and so on. And the music is eternal and has to be played live.

- I heard rumors that Blood Brothers are writing their tracks. Is it true? If so, what will it be? Is it gonna be Iron Maiden clone or something more distinctive?

Boys have their own projects where they implement their ideas. They are wonderful musicians and are able to create truly quality music. If we'll have the desire to create own music, it will definitely not be Iron Maiden. What is the point of doing what we do? 🙂

You have an amazing show with a lot of new stuff. What do you like most?

There are many Maiden tributes abroad. We are trying to be different, to have your own highlight! That is why we are constantly looking for new opportunities to develop our shows. The scenery and costumes we started adding recently. Last year, we did a really unusual set: we put together military-themed songs together and decorated the show with costumes and scenery. We printed themed banners, designed anti-tank hedgehogs, even ordered plastic barbed wire from England, because our stores only have metal wires.
Iron Maiden write about wars, religion, mysticism. This allows you to turn on the imagination and make the songs a reality. It is also a great opportunity to draw viewers' attention to the deep content of the lyrics.

This year Blood Brothers tour is dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of the debut Iron Maiden album. Which IM period do you like most?

Every year we change the concept and the set list. Last year we played full Brave New World album. This year we are going to play all 9 songs from Iron Maiden debut album, but also we are developing a show with military songs, which I mentioned above. That is why this year our set will change from concert to concert. I share the majority opinion. My favorite time is with Bruce, but I really like the albums with Paul Di'Anno and Blaze Bailey.





Blood Brothers is the craziest Iron Maiden tribute in Europe! After a debut concert in 2010 Blood Brothers performed over 700 times, visited more than 20 countries, оvercame about 300 000 km. The guys build the scenery, use theatrical costumes and play Iron Maiden as high as possible. Blood Brothers was invited to play with former vocalists of Iron Maiden Blaze Bayley and Paul Di'anno, who, in turn, noted the band's flawless performance. Blood Brothers is a tribute that every Maiden fan deserves! Read more about Blood Brothers in BIO.

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